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Focusing on the support of trade and investment between China and Poland, we help Polish companies deal with the multitude of requirements in the Asian market and international laws. Language and cultural barriers which are inevitable when companies from around the world are brought together are no longer important. Entering the Chinese market will be much easier. It is worth taking the challenge.

Our services

Seminar and trade conference organisation

Great partnership begins with the first meeting with counterparties. Our considerable experience with the organisation of international investment sector B2B+B2G and B2B meetings will lay the groundwork for your business. We will prepare a selection of potential partners, chosen according to your cooperation criteria, and a thorough analysis of their capability, reliability and degree of interest. Together, we will prepare presentations and materials adapted specifically to the Chinese business mindset.

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Attracting investors

Using our partner’s vast contact network and 22 years of experience gathered in investment promotion, we will help you attract an investor secured by a buyout or takeover. Additionally, we help promote greenfield and brownfield investments. We also prepare project documentations and analyses tailored to the expectations of Chinese investors.

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Import and manufacturing

In order to purchase or manufacture products in China, it is necessary to be on good terms with manufacturers as well as business and technological partners in the region. We will help you choose the optimal contractor and make a profitable transaction. What is more, we will handle the coordination and management over communication and negotiations with contractors and draw up any necessary agreements to be signed by your partners on purchase, sale or confidentiality.

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Introducing products and services to the Chinese market requires proper planning. We will carry out market research for you and compile an appealing product offering adjusted to the Chinese reality. You can leave relationships with distributors and business partners to us. If need be, we can organise a sales network through our entities in China.

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Intellectual property protection

Due to our long-lasting cooperation with Lehmann, Lee & Xu, we offer access to all forms of protection of intellectual property of products and technologies. We are with you throughout the whole process, beginning with the analysis of the available legal measures before the product is introduced to the market, through the conclusion of partnership with a Chinese partner, to enforcing the applicable protection against Chinese entities infringing it.

You can count on us when applying for:

  • patent for utility models
  • patent for inventions
  • patent for design
  • trade mark protection
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Our Partners

These are the companies we trust. Our relationship with them reflects what we want the business relationship between our clients and Chinese entrepreneurs to look like.

United China Consultants

Our Chinese partner in business consulting. UCC was founded in 1992 in Beijing and specialises in serving foreign entities in China. The company is made up by a team of international advising experts. Thanks to coordinated cooperation between our teams, we offer a wide range of expert services essential to achieve success in any type of business run in cooperation with Chinese entities.

Lehman, LEE & XU

The third largest law firm in China dealing with trade law. For almost 22 years, they have been providing legal services to thousands of clients from China and many other countries. It is composed of a group of the most prominent Chinese lawyers committed to the company’s motto: Chinese knowledge, international perspective. Lehman, LEE & XU have 31 branches and associated offices all around China. They provide the full scope of legal services, having at their disposal more than three hundred lawyers, foreign legal advisers, Chinese barristers, patent attorneys and intellectual property specialists. This allows full and effective catering for Clients’ needs of varying nature in China and abroad.

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