We are a foundation created
by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

Our mission is to support entrepreneurship and economic development among Polish people. We help build competitive advantage and make the most of the company’s resources and potential so that the Polish companies may develop and compete on foreign markets. We do so because we have a fresh memory of the difficulties we had at the beginning of our activity. We would like as many companies as possible to gain from our experiences. The support we want to give is the same one we needed 8 years ago, when we started our company.

Our Goals

1/ Building a development-promoting environment and supporting initiatives:

  • issuing opinions of draft legislation on the operation of enterprises
  • drawing up legislative proposals and directing them to state and local administration bodies
  • evaluating implementation and functioning of legal provisions in enterprises
  • issuing opinions of proposals directed to state and local authorities
  • providing consulting services supporting innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises

2/ Supporting entrepreneurship and economic growth:

  • assisting in establishing contacts with foreign partners (economic missions)
  • organizing exhibitions and fairs
  • providing active support to entrepreneurs with respect to ownership changes
  • initiating economic activities
  • providing training and economic consultancy as well as raising employees’ qualifications
  • initiating cooperation between entrepreneurs and scientific units, schools or local administration bodies, and supporting the establishment and development of business clusters
  • supporting innovative endevours, e.g., research and development projects
  • providing consultancy in the acquisition of funds for conducting and developing business activities and investments

3/ Acting on behalf of the disabled and excluded persons:

  • promoting employment and professional activation
  • supporting initiatives and attitudes promoting the integration of the disabled with the economy

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