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We became experts in comprehensive implementation of telecommunications and electric power engineering projects. Owing to human and equipment resources we may act as the general contractor. We also provide subcontracting services in large regional or national projects. Our main partners in the scope of telecommunications networks are telecommunications operators and major business customers.

In our work we always use the state-of-the-art measuring instruments and equipment. The use of the advanced technical and IT solutions is a guarantee of security and savings for your company. Our power engineering initiatives increase energy efficiency, thus generating bigger profits and promoting the environmental protection.


Telecommunications engineering

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Fiber optic

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Construction and measurements
of optical lines

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We use advanced Sumitomo fiber optic splicing machines and each splice is checked using the top-quality Exfo FTB-720 reflectometers that meet all the requirements of both Polish and European operators.

Owing to qualified personnel and experience gained while working for leading telecommunications operators in Poland we are ready to undertake any assignment in the field. Our company provides comprehensive services at each stage of the construction.

Fast and safe exchange of information inside the company is a guarantee of success. We provide full range of services starting from construction to maintenance and management of computer infrastructure.

Based on a proper analysis we choose solutions and survaillance equipment for a particular object. We also provide power supply and CCTV maintenance services.

Power engineering

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Reactive power

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inspections and measurements

Whether you need a traditional electrical installation or an advanced system integrating lights with heat, alarm and video surveillance, you’ve come to the right place.

Its goal is to assess the use of power in industrial or residential building and show how to optimize it.

Inductive and capacitive reactive power leads to substantial loss of heat and reduces the efficiency of transformers and cable lines. This generates additional charges imposed by the electricity distribution companies.

According to the applicable building law, at least once every five years you are obliged to carry out an inspection and measurement of the efficiency of connections, equipment, safeguards and electric shock protection measures, cable insulation resistance and grounding of installations and devices.

Our services comprise also:?

Smart buildings

This technology makes everyday life safer and more pleasant. The systems help reduce building operating costs.

The intelligent solution consists in the integration of all building installations. Depending on conditions (precipitation, wind, temperature, movement of residents) or user settings, the system takes actions that ensure comfort of use and safety.

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Designing telecommunications network and electrical installations

Our team of designers has the experience necessary to design even the most complex power engineering as well as telecomminications and IT installations.

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